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Wisdom Talk

Posted in Blog, Wisdom Talk | Date: April 15, 2018

Wisdom Talk

In this 'Wisdom Talk' portal of our website of www.ecmfp.com shall regularly emanate concise talks or/and write-ups on issues that affect human lives and concerns. Such talks and write-ups will be the types that will provide insights that will lead one into knowing and consequently apply solution to life's problems Website & Blog.

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Mind Food

Posted in Blog, Mind Food | Date: April 15, 2018

Mind food

Man! The man [and woman] is a tripartite being. The detail of the man is that he's a spirit, possesses a soul which can also be called the mind, and lives in a body. Of the three, the mind was a means through which the man was going to rule the Earth and bring it to a state of blissfulness. The mind of man was under God and had an orientation of complete godliness that positioned him as the god of the Earth. But when man got himself out of relationship with God, his mind lost that orientation and had another that made him a servitude instead of a master. The power of man [and woman] resides in his mind, and not necessarily in his muscle; for the muscle is only but a messenger that dispenses what the mind prescribes. The mind of man is where ideas are conceived and articulately packaged for onward release to the muscle to act on. In this Mind Food Section of our website portal, shall meals, feat for the nourishment of the mind, periodically emanate. The food of the mind served here will re-orientate the mind and bring it back to its original state where man will through it be and do, exactly, what his creator created him [and her] to be and do.

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Posted in Blog, Purpose | Date: April 15, 2018


Man is a tripartite being. This means that, the total being of the human being possesses three corresponding parts, namely; the Spirit, the Soul, and the Body. Of all three components of the total being, the Soul or the mind is the intellectual or a faculty in man. It is the power that conceives the ideas that rule the world. Our understanding of the functions of the human mind and the role it plays in man's world is the reason for the establishment of Emma Chima Mind Food Publications. And not unaware of the fact that the human mind, after the fall of mankind in the person of Adam, has become depraved and demoralized. Therefore, the purpose for founding Emma Chima Mind Food Publications is to through unveiling of hidden truths bring man back to God and consequently get the mind back to the actual state it was before becoming depraved and demoralized.

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Garden of Life Digest

Posted in Blog, Garden of Life DIgest | Date: April 15, 2018

Garde of Life

Garden Life Digest is the voice of God and also the voice of the Ministry; Leadership International Church under the auspices of Garden of Faith Ministries; Inc., presided and pastored by Pastor Emma Chima and published by Emma Chima Mind Food Publications. Periodically, and possibly, monthly, Garden Life Digest which contains some of the messages preached and taught on the Ministry's pulpit will be published on this platform.

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