Meet the President

Emma Chima is the Founder and President of Emma Chima Mind Food Publications, Garden of Faith Ministries, Inc. , located in the City of Port Harcourt, Nigeria. He's described by many as a teacher of the Word of God with rare life-transforming insights. He frequently teaches and preaches in conferences, fellowships and churches.

Emma Chima has authored many published and unpublished books and articles, and still authoring. Some of the books and articles are:

Industrious God Making Industrious Man, The Message, The Parables, The Kings of the Earth, Here Comes ‘His Holiness’, When Good Acts Count, We’re of God of Love, Sell to Buy, The Family, Is It True Some Years are Good and Some Bad?, Vision: The Industrialization Force, The Gift, Indebted, The Rewarding Blessedness of Humility, Rising from Dust to Gold, Time Utilization: Antidote to Stagnation, The Silent Revolution, Liberation, Getting by Losing, The Eye Opener, Rise to Shine, Discover to Own, A Pauper or A King?, The Principles (Volume 1-4 +), Oh Religion!, Nourish Your Mind Better Your World, The Illiterate Author, Meeting Up and Meeting Standard, Perceptibility of God, Garden Life Digest (periodic), et cetera.

Emma Chima, for four (4) years, served as an Operation Officer in Full Gospel Businessmen's Fellowship International, and up till date, teaches and preaches in many chapters of this great organization.

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