Welcome to Emma Chima Mind Food Publications organization! ECMFP is founded and being presided over by Emma Chima.

To him; a man passionately consummated by his concern to see to the wellbeing of mankind, and who also is greatly endowed with rare and great insights into God’s position and disposition in the affairs of mankind and their Earth, www.mindfoodpubs.com, the official website of Emma Chima Mind Food Publications is a platform upon which he’s dispensing life-transforming, life-building and success-giving messages that all together will establish, solidly, mankind on Earth and consequently return them to what they were created to be. The messages are basically tailored to address human minds. And this is so because human minds rule the earth, and they are created to do so anyway, except that they are today doing so in defiance to an order instituted by the Creator, hence the earth and its mankind through the operations of their minds have become architects of the present despicable condition of man’s life, his immediate environment, and by extension, his earth. From the portal of Emma Chima Mind Food Publications (www.mindfoodpubs.com), Emma Chima will through the platforms of MindFOOD, WisdomTALK, TLP, MySTANCE and MendSOCIETY to cause to ooze out messages, information, and principles, if you like, that if and when applied will see to the positive turning around and make every despicable conditions and persons admirable. Again, you are warmly welcome to our organization online portal.


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The books and mini-books are written and authored by Emma Chima and are filled with Hope-giving, Life-transforming, Life-building, Eternal Life-assurance and Success-giving messages. Book titles so far are; The Message, The Eye Opener, The Parables, Industrious God Making Industrious Man, The Kings of the Earth, Oh Religion, The Principles (in volumes), The Perceptibility of God, while the mini-books are; Vision: The Industrialization Force, Indebted, Is It True? (is it true some years are good and some bad?), Liberation, The Gift, Time Utilization: Antidote to Stagnation, Rising from Dust to Gold, A Pauper or A King?, The Rewarding Blessedness of Humility, We are of God of Love, When Good Acts Count, Getting by Losing, Arise to Shine, The Family, Discover to Own, and The Silent Revolution, and can be purchased online and offline as will be from time to time advertised on our portal and platforms.


Our books are life-transforming, success-giving and establishing. Get a PDF version of our books on this platform and in leading online markets and E-book publishers’ platforms as will be publicized from time to time on our portal and various platforms

Mind Food

Mind Food is about messages deliberately prepared for the mind, and for the purpose of re-orientating it, and bring it back to what it was, and of course, created to do in human’s affairs and their earth. The messages posted here are downloaded free of charge. Enjoy yourself.

Wisdom Talk

Wisdom, they say, is the principal thing. Yours truly, wisdom, indeed, is the principal thing, as it is the bedrock of man’s entire life. It’s a foundation. It’s a platform upon which one can stand and thrive in life, and from here will ooze out such lines of wisdom. Click here to avail yourself of wisdom. It’s free of charge.